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We are pleased to announce the arrival of an exciting new product to the equine world....The equine toothbrush

I hope many of you realise the importance of maintaining healthy teeth in a horse? We have taken this a step further with this handmade purposefully designed brush.

Regular visits by your equine dentist are a must for all horses but for the in-between times this brush is a great tool for all conscientious horse owners.

It helps dislodge packed feed stuck in the diastimas (gaps) between molars - pre molars and incisors to help stop the build up of tartar on canines. Packed feed if left can lead to periodontal (gum) disease so it’s up to you as owners to help reduce these risks as much as possible.

Think about it...
You brush your teeth twice a day.
So why not your horse? Even once a week can make a difference.

Even at 14 years old my 16.3 bay gelding, Bugsy likes to be a bit different about most things, and his teeth are no exception! Due to their condition, his mouth has to be hosed out regularly to remove compacted feed and this brush has made this process far more efficient and effective, both round the incisors and further up inside his mouth. Regular use of the brush would also help familiarise any youngster before being faced with the dentist for the first time. Everyone on my yard is impressed with it!”

Jacqui, Huddersfield